The Fruit Salad: Poisonous T-Shirts by Universal Poison

You all probably know that I am a fan of spectacular and excentric outfits. Well, I have to confess: sometimes at home I simply wear just a T-shirt to feel more comfortable and to concentrate more on my writing. You are all shocked? Don’t be! I am obviously wearing verrrrry special T-shirts, preferably by local designers. One of my favourites is the banana dick T-shirt I was wearing in episode 1 of my little web series The Fruit Salad from the Berlin-based label Universal Poison. Founded by the lovely Spanish illustrator Ana Pla and her partner E.M. Waty this label sells just hand painted T-shirts. Can you imagine? The bananas on my T-shirts are painted by HAND!!!! So every T-shirt is a unique art work. On their website you can browse through the online shop and look at all their motives. A lot of the T-shirts are sold out in the web shop, but I think Ana is always accepting orders from people living in Berlin. After the jump their are the look book pictures, which I also really enjoy because they are a great combination of funny and colorful still being sexy and dark. See for yourself.

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