A Boat Trip on the Spree

If there is one special activity that you can do in Berlin that is totally underrated, it’s this: A boat trip on the river Spree. Everyone is always talking about going to the abandoned places outside the city for some adventure, but how about floating right through it and seeing the city from a very different side that you haven’t seen before?

Two weeks ago I was lucky to go on exactly such a trip. On the occasion of the Red Bull R.Evolution that took place in Köpenick Italian fashion brand 55DSL, who awarded the Rebel of the Day at this event, organized a lovely boat trip on the river Spree. After a nice BBQ we took off with a vintage boat in the evening making this a lovely night trip. We went all the way from Köpenick to Berlin-Mitte. It was quite beautiful to see all the buildings illuminated at night and their lights reflecting in the water. I can really recommend this!

See some beautiful impressions of the trip and read about my encouter with 55DSL label head Andrea Rosso after the jump.

One of the perks of this trip was the fact that label head Andrea Rosso was also on the boat and I got to chat with him a bit about his brand, the connection to Diesel and his oppinion about Berlin.

I was surprised to hear that 55DSL is already close to celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. That’s quite an age! I always thought that Diesel’s little sister would be younger. Andrea also revealed to me the meaning behind the label name. “55” is actually the year his father Renzo Rosso was born and DSL is of course short for Diesel.

When I asked him about what the most fun project is he is doing with the label Andrea told me about their 10.55 line which is an artist edition where artists from all over the world are invited to create a T-shirt design that is than being produced in a limited series. It’s a good way for him to connect his travels around the world and the people he meets there with his work on the collections of the label. But that is not the only thing he takes home to Breganze from his trips. He is also a fan of vintage books. Every place that he goes to he will find little bookshops and markets to buy beautiful old books in the national language that he puts together in a big library in the 55DSL headquarters which is also his favorite place there. A lot of the books turn out to be inspirations for the collections, he says. I can imagine that as I also love the aesthetics of old books and magazines.

While we chatted about Berlin and vintage books the city and its beautiful lights passed by us on the river banks of the Spree. Some impressions of that below.

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