The King of Lust

9 Songs

I’ve been a fan of Michael Winterbottom since he made the scandalous 9 Songs. He announced it was the first film of a new genre in which a mixture of Art House films and hard core porn merge to form Art Core. I adored the film and his comments about the depiction of sexuality and was excited to see what he would do next. Unfortunately Winterbottom went back to shooting fairly standard films instead of proceeding his just developed genre. His latest work The Look of Love is now hitting German screens…

The Look of Love tells the true tale of Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan) who was the King of SoHo, Lust and Sex in the swinging 70s London. Winterbottom follows his rise and later fall in such a classical manner that I found myself looking more at the interiors, clothes and hairstyles then following the plot. However watching the film is worth it for that!

The Look of Love (D: Michael Winterbottom, UK 2013)

9Songs (D: Michael Winterbottom, UK 2004)

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