25/7 – Carolin Saage’s amazing Photo Book about Bar 25

photos: Carolin Saage

After the Bar 25 movie and the Bar 25 novel, a new merchandising product about the legendary club was released recently. But unlike the documentary Days out of time (where opinions diverged) and in contrast to the book Die Bar by Ju Innerhofer (which was strongly criticized), the photo book 25/7 by Carolin Saage is just wonderful. More after the jump.

Photorapher Carolin Saage was maybe the only person who was officially allowed to take pictures at Bar 25 (the ban of photography was for good reason). For several years she documented life on and behind the dancefloor. The result is an amazing journey through time.

The book features impressive black and white photography as well as colourful and vibrant snapshots of all the joy of living in the club. Against general expectations there are not only pictures of the confetti parties.

The great thing about this book is the high quality of the print. If you had thought that books were superfluous and obsolete in times of the iPad and the Kindle, this book proves the opposite.

Looking at these pictures makes you also aware that the Bar 25 left a gap that no other club filled. Kater Holzig is just a bad copy that nobody really likes; and from everything you know about Möhrchenpark you can already see that it is not going to revive the “good old times”. Anyhow, nightlife moved on since Bar 25 closed. And with clubs as Berghain and Sisyphos and new festivals such as Plötzlich am Meer, nobody really has reason to get sentimental and nostalgic.

Carolin Saage “25/7″
208 Pages, Softcover, 200 photographs
39,90 €

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