Stroke Urban Art Fair 2013 – Preview

This Thursday the Stroke Art Fair for urban art is opening its big exhibition at Alte Münze with a full program of parties, workshops and live painting sessions. As we are big fans of urban art this is a must-go for us and we are looking forward to the works of all the graffiti, street and comic artists, illustrators, as well as graphic and motion designers from around the world that will be presented. Don’t miss the big opening party hosted by MVSCHI Kreuzberg on Wednesday night and the aftershow party on Friday night and the closing party on Saturday night. The exhibition will be open to the public until Sunday night. Get a little taste of what to expect after the jump.

Valerio Vittozzi, Soul Hand 1

Stefan Fromberger, moss man’s dream

Martin Heynen, tree

Hannah Adamaszek, Adriatic

Guido Zimmermann, Dienstmagd mit Perlohrringen

Dimitris Ntokos, Antihirst

Deenesh Ghyczy, Max

Andreas Preis, Watch

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