Diary of a Lost Decade – Nir de Volffs new Dance Piece at Sophiensaele

photo: Bernhard Musil

Contemporary dance is a lot of things: beautiful, inspiring, energetic, traumatic and sometimes boring. But it is almost never funny. Unless you are watching a piece of Nir de Volff collective Total Brutal. The performances of the Israeli choreographer who started his Berlin career by making crazy pieces in Dock 11 at Kastanienallee never lost their black and outrageous humor. So maybe it is not a cliché after all that Jews have a good sense of humor. Anyway, his new pieces premiering this week at Sophiensaele does not only have some sexy dancers to show off, but also a very intense topic. Two cities – Berlin and Tel Aviv – struggling with financial issues and political troubles have a hard time to work on their future. Its young inhabitants dance their pain away instead of worrying about the problems. Inside a vibrant nightclub 5 dancers meet and talk about their fears of the future. Reminiscent of the Golden 20s the nightclub transforms into a cabaret of anxiety. Photos and dates after the jump.

Nir de Volff: Diary of a Lost Decade

October 17, 18,  19 & 20, 2013, 19:30h


Sophienstraße 18

10178 Berlin Mitte


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