The Perfection of Augustin Teboul

photos: Dunja Antic

When visiting or speaking about Berlin Fashion Week you will hear a lot of bitching and nagging how Berlin is so not cool, totally can’t measure up with other cities, is trying to hard and doesn’t have any interesting designers here. Even though I do agree that this season seemed a bit unexciting when I first saw the schedule, I have to admit that I saw some really outstanding collections last week. Among them the ones from Patrick Mohr, Esther Perbandt, Julian Zigerli, Mads Dinesen, and Marina Hoermanseder, to name only a few. I totally disagree with the criticism of Berlin Fashion Week. We very well have interesting designers here, and even if they are not so many, the few are all the better. And as we all know it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity.

Augustin Teboul belong to the exquisit circle of designers that stand out and can absolutely measure up with internationally renowned labels. There collections are always great, but this one was exceptional I think. Maybe because for the first time they also used nude colors instead of all black. But also the pieces themselves and the styling was stunning. Enjoy some shots of the Fall/Winter 2014/15 show titled Equinoxe by Dunja Antic after the jump.

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