Film February: Berlinale Tipps

It’s finally February again! Why you ask, when this is probably the coldest and most unwelcoming month of the year? Well for one it is over pretty quickly and second it is Berlinale month. The film festival commences this Thursday and has plenty in store for cineastes. Over 400 films will flicker across the screens of this city from the new Zoo Palast to the old Kino International. Tickets are already for sale, but with the amazing line-up of great films it’s difficult to choose. Here are some recommendations of what will most likely be worth queuing up for…

Monuments Men (D: George Clooney, USA 2013)

This film has been the talk of the town for months. Not just because it is directed by and with George Clooney, but also because it was shot in Potsdam and employed a bunch of stylists, extras and other movie peeps from Berlin. It tells the true story of American soldiers embarking to save thousands of paintings from the Nazi regime and will certainly be worth watching.

American Hustle (D: David O’Russell, USA 2013)

This is one of the favorites in this years the Oscar-race. Nominated for 10 golden statues O’Russell could walk away with more than he can carry for this dark comedy loosely based on a true political scandal. After the great success of Silver Linings Playbook both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are back aboard in this film. It opens in theatres just after the Berlinale, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get into the Gala Screening.

Aimer, boire et chanter (D: Alain Resnais, F 2013)

Alain Resnais is a legend in the world of film. He started his career with documentary shorts in the 1950s and is associated with the nouvelle vague movement in France in the 60s. His latest film Aimer, boire et chanter is based ob the play Life of Riley and tells the story of three women arguing about which of them should accompany their fatally ill friend during the last weeks of his life.

Yves Saint Laurent (D: Jalil Lespert, F 2013)

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is a fascinating character and this film digs into the world he lives in. It gives insights into the fast paced world of the fashion industry, the creative struggles behind the magical fashion shows and into the private life of a self made man.

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