A Challenge for the Unusual

Alina Süggeler & Jan Köppen

Shooting videos of special moments, blogging about our latest adventures and taking selfies with our friends – all these disciplines of the new social media have become a normal part of our lives, just like writing a diary, sending postcards and taking analog photos used to be in the olden days. But while our old photo albums and letters to friends were only interesting to those who were close to us, our Twitter feeds and Instagram channels are now consumed by a much bigger audiences. So our pictures and words are now in competition with those of others which means we are always trying to be more creative, surprising and unusual with the impressions we share…

The new Ford Ecosport Challenge is exactly about that: Being unusual and standing out and sharing it with the world. In the last couple of weeks Alina from the band Frida Gold and VIVA host Jan have become the spokespeople for the challenge and were looking for the most creative and unusual people who were willing to share their adventures during the competition with the world. And as luck has it they did find them!

From May 3 until June 28 eight teams of each two friends will compete against each other in six different creative challenges on the quest to win great prices. Each team will share videos, photos and texts about their efforts during all these challenges which gives them the chance to make their success not only about fullfilling the task itself but also about how creative, funny or unexpected their way was. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I HEART BERLIN was entrusted to follow the teams during the challenges and we expect a lot of crazy shit happing. So stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as there is a lot more to come about the Ford EcoSport Challenge. Enjoy!

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