Tech Open Air UnConference and Panel with iHeartBerlin

Berlin has proven to be a city where technology innovations of all kinds find an interested audience. The blooming and booming start-up scene has created various new jobs and economic perspectives. Finally people that have finished university here have a proper chance to get a job without moving to Munich or Hamburg. Any new development has of course also a bunch of new enemies. Not everyone thinks that the start-ups can create economic stability for a city which such a huge amount of financial problems. Often I noticed that people who are not very fond of start-ups have never actually been in touch with any of that. I have a great amount of friends who started a small business with their ideas and I like supporting all of them as much as I can. Either you are a big fan or a big disapprover I recommend you to visit the Tech Open Air – Unconference this Wednessday and the satellite events this Thursday.

On one of this events I am taking part in a panel to speak with Alexander Görlach (Chief Editor, The European) and Lukas Kircher (CEO, KircherBurkhardt) about the future of journalism. The event is at the Supermarkt at Brunnenstrasse in Wedding and it is free like most of the other satellite events. The discussion will be in German. Check it out here and say hello to me if you like. After the jump, some nice pictures of the location of the Unconference and the details about the panel.

Panel: Die Leute kaufen billig, sie haben keine Zeit, sich überzeugen zu lassen.
Zum Zustand des Journalismus im digitalen Zeitalter

July 17, 2014, 14h bis 15.30h

Supermarkt Berlin

Brunnenstraße 64

13355 Berlin

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