Berlin Escapes: An Opera Trip to Verona

photo: Roberto Bolle at Arena di Verona by Luciano Romano

In the summer months it’s always noticeable that there is a little less going on in town than usual. Even the Berlin visitors are taking little excursions to other European places and before you stay here and get bored maybe you should also plan your next short trip. Today we have one suggestion for you: The beautiful city of Verona in Northern Italy. It’s not only the home of the fictional tragic couple of Romeo and Juliet, but also one of the most charming Italian cities to visit and only such a short flight away from Berlin.

The romantic, historic city is a total contrast to the rough urban landscapes of Berlin. One historic building aligns itself with the next and you will quickly feel like you are lost in another time. Among the many highlights of the city the one location that is going to be in every “Top 10 Things to do in Verona” lists (I checked…) is the Arena di Verona. Find out more about it after the jump.

photo: Arena di Verona

Not only is a visit to the Arena di Verona worth it for the amazing ancient architecture, but also for the events taking place in there during the summer. The open air arena is hosting a festival program of operas and ballets that include such classics as Romeo & Juliet by Gounod, Carmen by Bizet, A Masked Ball and Aida by Verdi, Madame Butterfly and Turandot by Puccini, as well as a new performance by handsome ballet dancer Roberto Bolle and Friends.

photo: Arena di Verona

The spectacular arena holds over 1000 guests which makes every single one of the shows quite a big happening. A visit to one of our local opera houses in Berlin is going to look like a provincial theater in comparison. Since June and until September 7th 2014 there are going to be 54 shows and 3 special events featuring world renowned artists and performers. Have a look at the program of the Opera Festival 2014 at the Arena di Verona here.

photo: Arena di Verona

Have a look behind the curtains at some of the rehearsals:

Regardless if you are into opera or not I think Verona is a really enchanting city to visit and spend a few days in, especially in the late summer. After all, it’s no coincidence that Shakespear chose this place as the base for his famous love story and I’m sure you will easily fall in love with it, too 😉

Thanks for the support by the Arena di Verona

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