Berlin Festival 2014 Through your Eyes

by julie_sd on Instagram

Even though I was looking forward to going to Berlin Festival this season and checking out acts like Woodkid, Jessie Ware and Black Cracker at the new festival grounds of Arena Park I ended up staying home tyed to my desk working. But in the meantime I always eyed my Instagram stream that was filled with beautiful impressions from the festival, so I actually got the feeling I was right in the middle of it thanks to all of you who actually went there. I loved so many of the photos that I decided to compile a little best of from this year’s Berlin Festival 2014. So this is my recap through your eyes and your Instagram impressions. Enjoy the huge colorful set on 4 pages after the jump.

by joizde

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by mlle_suzanne

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by karinajohp

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by keyekatcher

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by kattybertea

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by celine_gawlitza

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by lau_eme_uve

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by riccardosimonetti

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Woodkid by giggoers

Woodkid by giggoers on Instagram

by lauracherrygrove

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by lauritanucleo 2

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by lauritanucleo

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