Parasite Single – Beards and Cuteness from Hamburg

If you read Wikipedia you find that a Parasite Single (パラサイトシングル parasaito shinguru?) is a single person who lives with their parents beyond their late 20s in order to enjoy a carefree and comfortable life. In Japanese culture, the term is especially used when negatively describing young unmarried women. Quite hard use of words, if you think that this is practically common in a lot of cultures.

Anyway, Parasite Single is also a very cute band from Hamburg. Their sound could be described as trip to another world. Very spiritual and still danceable they manage to create very unique music. Their new single Time Traveler features a really nice music video you can find after the jump. Also there is a new remix of the song The Hunt that I strongly recommend to all fans of electronic music. All my favorite videos after the jump.

Parasite Single

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