When I was Crazy in Love for the first Time

When I think back and let my love life pass by in front of my mental eye I realize that I was pretty much a late bloomer when it comes to falling crazy in love. Of course I had my crushes, flirts and first attempts to relationships when I was a teenager. But the first time I can remember to be madly in love with someone was actually in 2003 when I was already 21. Coincidently this event in my life happened in parallel to the release of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé which I would describe as one of the few evergreens that came out in this Millennium and that I am sure we will still listen to for a long time…


I remember quite vividly that this song made my emotions inside get stirred up a fair bit and that they pretty much reflected what I was feeling at the time and I really enjoyed melting these two things together. I know it’s trashy to hear this now, but back than I actually changed the ringtone of my phone to that song (quite the new technology at the time) when my special person called me. Obviously I got some confused and amused looks from the people around me when it actually happened. But of course I couldn’t care less because I was crazy in love. That song was a constant soundtrack in the back of my head to that time anyway when we were together indulging in our lovey-doveyness.


With the tragic passing of that once blossoming romance I of course had to avoid the cherished song for a while because it evoked all the wrong emotions and forced to the one or other dramatic exit whenever I unexpectedly heard it.

After I had overcome the heartache I could finally let the song back into my life and slowly begin to appreciate again the memory I had of the happy times even if they were much to brief. I still have to think of that person whenever I hear the song, it’s funny how these two elements cannot be separated anymore. But despite the tragedy I somehow think it’s beautiful that a simple song can bring back memories so easily and make you feel crazy in love all over again.


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