Handsome Men do not only live in Berlin – Places Project by Antony Morato

Every time somebody comes visiting me in Berlin and I show them proud and happy all my favorite places I realize that there is one thing that causes distraction: Men! Of course Berlin is also full of beautiful women, but apparently the Berlin men have something special that you cannot find in any other place. By reading the books of Klaus Mann I discovered that the appeal of the Berlin men already existed since the 20s. Right in the heart of Europe Berlin attracted all kinds of different types of personalities that maybe didn’t fit in other places and had their own sexual attraction. Their power of attraction lies not only in superficialities. Berlin men have the bad boy appeal that you can only get if you don’t care about having a big car or a giant house with a pool. Even if they might get slowly over the “poor but sexy” thing, the Berlin men are not interested in the stereotypical ego-boost status symbols (girls, cars, pools) and this is their secret formula to their sexiness (at least in my opinion).

But yet again, we should not limit our horizons. Today I have a special revelation for you: Handsome and interesting men do not only live in Berlin. The Italian fashion brand Antony Morato went on a venture to different Metropolises to discover interesting characters who are in love with their city. “We wanted to describe the cities which influence everybody’s imagination through the eyes of men like us, through the same eyes with which I saw and still see these cities when I look for ideas and inspiration” says Lello Caldarelli, Chairman and Art Director of the brand. As media partners of the project we will present you somebody from Berlin next week. For now we would love to take you to a trip to discover Barcelona, London and Naples through the eyes of three unique guys. Check out the videos of the project after the jump.

Meet Stefano, a Neapolitan actor, in love with the multiple layers of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A place where comedy and tragedy live side by side, whose colors and flavors catch you and leave a mark: this is what Stefano expresses in the film. The theater is his life and the city is his stage.

Barcelona, the place of magical encounters, where traditions meet innovation, the city which always reinvents itself. Daniel is the multitalented main character: German from Hamburg, dancer, illustrator, model, whose sculptured and artistic body matches his gentle soul, sophisticated like his features.

London, the international city where the whole world is at home, where you breathe freedom and style, where everybody can be whatever he wants, without fear of being rejected. It is the city of Val, born in Italy and now following his passion in music.

We thank Antony Morato for the support.

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