Berlin’s Party Beards

Nowadays men spend more time on grooming and shaping their beards than with their hair style. Maybe it is just a temporary trend, but right know a beard is the must-have accessory for any party lover. Since we are quite beardicted ourselves we wrote a story for alternative queer magazine Siegessäule gathering the most interesting beard styles from Berlin’s nightlife. From cute boys with mustaches, to Russian gangsters and bearded women Berlin can be quite the beard show. Be impressed by the diversity of beards after the jump.

The Barbie Bear Beard

During day light every beard might look the same. Not so much at night under the sparkling light of clubs and parties. What is the moonlight for werewolves is the light of the disco ball for the Barbie Bear. The transformation begins to the beat of disco and pop-music and does not stop until the party is over. But now worries – the barbie bear is no danger for anybody.

The Diva Beard

Glitter in the beard unravels every man’s inner diva. Ready to outshine evey beard in the room the Diva Beard is the true bird of paradise of all the party beards.

The Eyeliner Beard

If you need more beard then you have a kohl pen can become your dearest friend. Also it can transform your best friend into the groom you never had.

The Grizzly Beard

Some fellows discover their inner totem animal through the beard. The Grizzly Beard can be nice to cuddle but should not be disturbed too much if you want to avoid some nasty bear bites.

The Kitty Beard

Boys want to be cute. Kitties want to be carresed. Some just want both.

The Rasputin Beard

From the darkest clubs in Moscow some Rasputin Beards have come to venture into the dark techno caverns of Berlin. Stay away from these fellows as their beards seem to suggest. But in the end there is a lovely man under it.

The Revolutionary Beard

Hasta la Barba Revolucion siempre!

The Sportsbeard

You can bring your beard to the gym, shower and show it off at parties as well looking yummy all the time. Not bad, right?

The Pornstache

I am not sure what makes a moustache so sexy on certain guys. This beard just looks as if it was cast for an 80’s porn movie.

The Hippie Beard

These messy beards have never seen a scissor or a grooming paste. It is all the result of its natural beauty.

The Queen Beard

From all the lady beards this beard is the undisputed queen of the Berlin party prom. Created out of a luscious hair streak this beard knows how to rule and shine.

The Vintage Beard

When Berlin had its glorious times in the Twenties some beard styles popped up. And apparently never stopped to be en vouge.

The Sparkle Beard

Being the smaller sister of the Diva Beard this beard ist still a loud attention whore. It enjoys its 15 min of fame until the real diva enters the room.

The Amish/Hipster Beard

With a red long beard like that you leave everybody clueless at the party. Are you a hipster or did you just escape from an Amish village.  Nobody will really know…

The Spontaneous Beard

Everything can become a beard at the right moment and at the right party. Don’t limit your imagination and indulge in your beard fantasies.

So what is your favorite beard style and what beard type are you? Did we miss any beards? If you are in love with beards we strongly suggest the book Beardicted by talented Alicia Kassebohm. It just came out and it features not only 50 creative beards from Berlin but also a portrait of Frank, Devid and myself.

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