Pitchtuner in Concert in Berlin & Gif-Fashion Editorial

Last year I had a really exciting project I would love to tell you more about. For the album release of the band Pitchtuner fashion photographer Marlen Stalhuth and I created an animated Gif-Fashion Story. Pitchtuner, that is Japanese Miki Yoshimura und Johannes Marx from Germany. The two Berliners-of-choice released their fourth album “Ready to go”  via  RAR, marketed by Motor Entertainment. Pitchtuner is a unique combination of Indie-Pop and DIY-Dance-Electronic.This combo mixes the eccentricity of Japan and the German inventiveness. If you want to experience their unique concerts (we had them as main act to our 7 years anniversary party) I have good news for you. They will be playing on Friday the 23 here in Berlin together with the Dj -Team JeansTeam. Enjoy the fashion story inspired by the street styles of Tokyo featuring young designers from Germany and Japan and check out the concerts infos here.

Pitchtuner are Miki Yoshimura from Japan and Johannes Marx from Germany.

Pitchetuner GIFs

Johannes wears shoes from Onitsuka Tiger, trousers Won Hundred, shirt Comme de Garçon Play. Miki wears shoes from Birkenstock, skirt and socks American Apparel and a vintage-blouse

The history of Pitchtuner started over 15 years ago with a mix-tape. While travelling around the world Miki from Osaka visited a concert of Johannes’ former band  “Planet 9” and was so impressed that she asked him for a cassette. But “Plant 9” had only released their songs on vinyl so they had meet up again to handover the actual mix-tape.

Pitchetuner GIFs

Johannes wears shoes from Onitsuka Tiger, vintage trousers, vintage jacket and shirt by Julian Zigerli. Miki wears shoes from Premiata , vintage-trousers, vintage-jacket, skirt Forever 21 and t-shirt Eleven Paris.

Happy end of the story, they fell in love, became a couple and founded the band Pitchtuner.

Pitchetuner GIFs

Johannes wears shoes from Adidas, trousers Tata Christiane, hoodie by ODEUR , jacket Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm. Miki wears shoes from Adidas, trousers from Eleven Paris, dress from American Apparel and jacketDog Shop Tokyo.

Pitchetuner GIFs

Together they toured the world and rocked the clubs from Berlin to New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Miki and Johannes wears t-shirt from Uniqlo.

Pitchetuner GIFs

The life of a musician is not easy. But with creative ideas and a spark of inventiveness you can achieve almost everything. That is how Pitchtuner started creating their own instruments.

Johannes wears shoes from Adidas, trousers, Acne, t-shirtn Adidas and a vintage hermes jacket. Miki wears shoes from Adidas,  pullover Forever 21, a vintage jacket and socks from Vans.

Pitchetuner GIFs

To be successful you also need great friends supporting your worked and pushing your limits.

Johannes wears a vintage jacket. Miki wears a garment by Tata Christiane.

Pitchetuner GIFs

The two Berliners-of-choice released their fourth album.

Johannes wears shoes from Asics,  trousers Adidas, jacket Patrick Mohr and socks from Vans. Miki wears shoes from Monki, a dress by American Aparel and a vintage jacket.

Pitchetuner GIFs

The band also got a new member: the pink dancing robot PiTuRo will go with them on Tour. Together they are “Ready to go” to conquer the world.

Johannes wears shoes from Adidas,  trousers from Julian Zigerli jacket Adidas by Jeremy Scott necklaceBershka. Miki wears a dress by Eleven Paris, clocks from G-Shock and hat by Bershka.


Home: www.pitchtuner.net

FB: www.facebook.com/pitchtuner

YT: www.youtube.com/user/cometohannes

SC: soundcloud.com/pitchtuner


Photography: Marlen Stahlhuth@Facebook

Concept & Styling: Claudio Rimmele

Postproduction: Frank Schröder

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