The Cloud: A Cosmo-Choreography

Fifteen minutes into the performance, I finally came to understand the relevance of its name, The Cloud. A smoke machine puffed out a billowing mass, which slowly engulfed the audience as the piece progressed. I watched, swayed by the condensed water vapor that was swirling and gliding through the atmosphere of the Sophiensaele theatre. A few audible sounds soon amalgamated with the clouds and brought the audience to places seldom travelled. Drone-like music preluded the cinematic soundscapes, which were followed by indecipherable dialogue. The cloud engulfs you until you feel alone in the theatre, but the rustling and chirping assure you of close company. Soon I began to realize that with every breath I took, I was holding in the cloud, causing a disturbance in the atmosphere. But that’s exactly what this is about—everything disturbs, influences and creates something else. Catch a glimpse of this immersive performance piece with our photos after the jump. Also we are raffling 2×2 tickets to our readers. Find out how to participate after the jump.

SXS Enterprise, the minds and bodies behind The Cloud: A Cosmo-Choreography, are an international group of artists engaging in various disciplines such as video, music and theory. Occasionally, they join forces within the field of performance in search of aesthetic reflection and experience. Grounding themselves in the concepts of critical theory, SXS Enterprise are fully devoting themselves to the magic of theatre. For this run, they invited Berlin-based practitioners of performance, choreography, philosophy, curation, architecture and music to share their knowledge and ideas. You can catch The Cloud: A Cosmo-Choreography at Sophiensaele on January 30th and 31st, and February 1st, 2015 at 20h, with their guest program which can be found here.

If you want to win a ticket for the performance tomorrow and on Sunday leave a comment below with a valid email address.

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