Share your Wisdoms and Quotes

Don’t we all love a little wisdom here and there. At least my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram streams are full of them, most of the time funny, but sometimes also inspiring.

In the spirit of their new campaign the brand new NISSAN JUKE is calling for people to share their favorite quotes on social networks. Why did a car choose this means of promotion you might wonder? It makes a lot of sense actually: The time you spend on the street driving gives you a lot of time to reflect and think and with the world passing by your sides in high speed you are likely to come across some revealing insights that make perfect life wisdoms. Check out their new #klappezu Website and use the truth generator to find some street wisdoms and clever quotes to share with the world- some of which are quite witty and funny. Enjoy!

Here are a couple of sample quotes from the NISSAN JUKE website. Take it as a little German lesson for today. Once you’ve created your own combination you can book a test drive of the brand new NISSAN JUKE. Gute Fahrt!

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