Rosenkind Café & Boutique: An Afternoon Delight

Living just a few blocks away from Elbestraße, I was surprised to find Rosenkind there, inconspicuously tucked between apartment buildings. Located on one of the more residential streets of Neukölln, this charming café-boutique serves as a cozy local hangout that offers more than just delicious coffee and cake. This family-owned space also offers a unique shopping experience, while supporting young Berlin-based artists by providing a platform to present their work, be it art, handicrafts, music, fashion or events. With an interior that feels like a little treasure chest and a patio space to enjoy a beer or coffee in the sun, Rosenkind creates an inviting atmosphere that reminds us all to enjoy a break when our lives get too stressful and chaotic. I paid them a visit to have a chat with the lovely and charismatic Janan, who shared the recipe for her homemade vegan cake and told me about the concept behind their space. Click on to see why Rosenkind is the perfect afternoon stop on your stroll through Neukölln.

Started in 2014 by Janan and her mother, this little café-boutique, a stone’s throw away from the beloved Maybachufer, is the kind of place only locals seem to know about. Often overshadowed by the stretches of stores, bars and cafés on streets like Weserstraße and Emserstraße, Rosenkind is an unassuming space built with love. They prioritize having a cozy and friendly atmosphere that caters to everyone, shying away from ephemeral trends. As I wandered around their boutique, I noticed the variety in clothing, from bright designer leather skirts to trunks of vintage odds and ends. With a focus on local companies that make fun things we all want (though none of us truly need), the boutique is definitely the perfect place to buy a thoughtful Berlin-inspired gift. Furnished with their own collection of second-hand furniture and self-installed lighting, every part of Rosenkind seems to have a story behind it. On certain nights, the lights will dim as they host special events like readings, concerts and exhibitions. So stop by to take a gander, take a break, and enjoy a cappuccino alongside their famous Johannisbeer-Baiser-Kuchen.


Elbestraße 35

12045 Berlin-Neukölln

Open Mon-Fri 10-18h, Sat 10-16h

Tel: +49 30 62722250

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