Dabbawalla – Schöneberg’s New Ayurvedic Deli

Ayurveda is a term based on thousands of years of holy Indian scripture that translates to “the knowledge of life.” It is a holistic science of health with a focus on the maintenance of a balanced state of being. Our bodies contain three doshas, which are biological energies that express patterns in our physical, emotional and mental characteristics. There’s no doubt about the food and drinks we ingest affecting our doshas, and now a new lunch spot in Schöneberg is serving up delicious Thalis with the right combination of herbs and spices to balance our Ayurvedic constitutions. Check out their fresh new concept and menu after the jump!

Though the diet originated in India, Ayurvedic food isn’t necessarily the same as Indian food, and I was delightfully surprised to find the dishes at Dabbawalla very light and earthy, perhaps adapted to Western eating habits. Owned by holistic nutritionist Jessika Wildner and Dennis Dührkoop, the vegetarian and vegan lunch options are made according to Ayurvedic dietetics using fresh regional and seasonal food with 5 main components that change daily.

When I dropped by on a Thursday afternoon, the atmosphere leaned more towards that of a cafe than a restaurant, with the staff and customers all very relaxed and calm. The Thalis come in big portions, which will fill you up in a light but satisfying way. The major health benefits comes not only from the ingredients themselves but also their synergy, which make the dishes tasty and easy for our bodies to tolerate. Dabbawalla sets itself apart from its neighboring eateries on Winterfeldplatz, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Have a look on their Facebook page for daily menus, the stories behind their products and lots of healthy inspiration!

dabbawalla – Ayurveda Deli Berlin

Hohenstaufenstraße 64

10781 Berlin-Schöneberg

Open Mon – Sat 11-18h


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