Translantics – The New Artist Web Series from Berlin

photo: Britta Thie, Translantics

Translantics is a new web series about a group of artists and creative people in Berlin, produced by Schirn Kunsthalle and ZDF in collaboration with ARTE Creative. It was created, written and directed by the artist Britta Thie, who also plays the main character BiBi in the show. The story is about her and her two best friends how they navigate their life and work in Berlin. They’re dealing with the fast-forward life of young ambitious artists who jump from situations of comfort with friends and lovers to awkward encounters with competing artists. Their relationships are continually re-networked and auto-updated. You can feel the loss of intimacy because „emotion, affect, and intelligence have become products on an already flooded market“…

The project is part of an exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt that deals with art that „would have been inconceivable without the invention of the internet and digital technologies“.

The episodes are constantly accompanied by creepy music and you feel a bit like being between aliens and a strange future. In the beginning it is hard to relate to this world, but with the progressing of the episodes you start you see how the artificial masks of these young, eclectic looking people crumble and reveal the same flesh and bone as everybody else. You will get caught in this drab, cold world they are living in and their insecurities and problems will start to feel familiar. For the most part the show has a subtle tone, sometimes artistic and abstract and sometimes realistic. But some of the scenes are so absurdly exaggerated that you have to laugh about it – and hope that our society will never develop in this way.

If you want to watch something different made in Berlin have a look at the 6 episodes below.

Episode 1/6

Episode 2/6

Episode 3/6

Episode 4/6

Episode 5/6

Episode 6/6

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