Eating & Drinking For A Good Cause

photo: Oh Sophia

It’s Christmas time, a good chance to be thoughtful, thankful and helpful. Especially with thousands of refugees arriving in Berlin this year, giving back to people in need becomes an even bigger issue and responsibility for our community. We’re living in a time were we need to reach out to each other, face our global challenges and help together. After visiting some Charity Christmas Markets and donating some money to our Blogfabrik Project #HelpDontHate, we want to look at some other alternatives to help in Berlin. So what do you think about eating and drinking for a good cause?

We found some wonderful and delicious events happening this month that we want to share with you after the jump…

#HelpDontHate Christmas Dinner

First off we want to start with a wonderful Charity Dinner that is taking place at Blogfabrik on the 16th and 17th of December. Our talented colleague Sophia from Oh, Sophia is hosting a delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner with the goal of raising 1000 € for our Refugee-Project #HelpDontHate. So you get to enjoy a delicious four course meal, including a Mushroom Miso Soup, Quince & Hazelnut Wan-Tans and other unheard Vegan Dreams and the the Entry Fees are donated to our project supporting Syrian refugees in need. Sound like a pretty good deal, right?

myself Supper Club

The magazine myself is calling for your own initiative: Invite your friends, have some food and drinks and donate some money to the SOS Children Village in Syria. The idea is to share a picture of your Charity Dinner and to nominate a friend on facebook to host a similar event – no matter if you want to try a Syrien receipt, serve Tapas, Appetizers or a traditional Christmas Dinner. Be thankful for your friends, dinner & drinks and do something good as a group

Über den Tellerrand kochen

photo: Über den Tellerrand kochen

This beautiful project first founded in 2013 offers cooking courses, where refugees teach the participants the traditional meals from their home countries.   The idea is to cook together and come together. Learning something about each other and different cultures, while preparing a delicous meal.  With a new country on focus every time, cooking over boarders offers a delicious and memorable form of integration.

Gastronomie gegen Rassismus

photo: Bar Tausend

Drinking against racism sounds pretty awesome and is made possible by the organization Gastronomie gegen Rassismus that wants to use the different voices of the gastronomy industry to set a sign and message against racism. Right now they have a really cool project going on at Amano Bar, Bar Tausend and Sodom & Gomorra till the 13th of December. If you drink a Popcorn Old Fashioned, Periodista, Late Autumn, Celery Daiquiri or Ocho Cuba Libre mixed with Barcadi rum at one of the bars 3 Euros are donated to Gastronomie gegen Rassismus that collect warm clothes for refugees during the Winter time.

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