The First Impression of Berlin

photo: Alex Soloviev

As we move around the city in our every day routines and take the same trains, walk the same streets and pass by hundreds of people – things get dull, our attention is fading and sometimes we lose the sense for the special something Berlin is offering us every single day. Yes, we barely take the time to take it all in, to feel and see Berlin for it’s unique places, people and vibe. It takes effort, it is like a relationship – we need to take the time to appreciate Berlin and sometimes it is easiest, when we get to see our city through the eyes of someone else.

Because you get the firsts only once, that first impression or lovely spark when you visit a place for the first time. Alex Soloviev, a freelance filmmaker who travels around the world, caught those first glances on camera. His short video captures the special spirit, freedom and lightness he felt, when he visited Berlin for the first time. The video is a lovely little reminder to keep the love for our beautiful city alive and burning – because there really is no place quite like Berlin….

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