In the Mood for Christmas

photo: Eylül Aslan

I think I have never been more into the Christmas spirit this year than ever before. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I have been obsession so much over my Christmas tree and spent hours decorating it and marveling at it. In fact I have 6 (!!!) more Christmas sprays all over my house so it’s totally like Santa’s liar here.

I always liked Christmas, even as an adult. Not because of the presents of course, but I love the atmosphere, buying a tree, coming up with  new ways to decorate it each year, going to the Christmas markets with my family, getting together with friends for mulled wine, wrapping up gifts, the roasts (we always have multiple ones over the holidays not just one). It’s just so warm and sparkeling. It totally distracts us from the cold season and gives us a break from the daily grind in a way that no other holiday ever could. And this year it seems to be extra strong as I feel filled with so much joy, it’s practically bursting out of me: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

So in the spirit of Christmas I want to share some of this love with you, sending out big hugs to all my loved ones that are not with me right now, my fellow writers and also to all the fans and readers of iHeartBerlin. I’m glad you are with us. Wherever you are right now, I hope you are receiving!

And to give this special holiday message the right soundtrack I would like to direct your attention to down below where I included the brand new Christmas mix of Moody Collective, the lovely and talented guys who play their music at our #berlin opening. Thank you guys for this, we are loving it!

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