Spirits of Berlin

Brandstifter Berlin

Berlin is a party capital and when people party they drink alcohol. The logical consequence: a lot of alcohol is being consumed in our city. Berlin wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for some of the unique spirits that are produced here. Yes, you will probably have a hard time finding the Peppermint Schnaps Berliner Luft or the beautifully simplistic Our/Vodka Bottle somewhere outside of the city, even though they enjoy a good and very unique image around the world.

The most important spirts of Berlin after the jump…

Held Vodka

Held Vodka has established itself on the scene as a popular drink since 1921 – it’s known to be pure, honest and very drinkable.

photo: Held Vodka


Probably the coolest vodka brand in town, with a wonderfully simplistic bottle that almost counts as a water bottle.

photo: Our/Berlin

Berliner Brandstifter

Berliner Brandstifter is dedicated to the development and production of exceptionally fine spirits with their own Berlin character, their specialty is Korn and Gin.

photo: Brandstifter

Belsazar Vermouth

Belsazar has reinvented the traditional spiced wine, Vermounth, in four wonderful compositions; a treat from the Black Forest and Berlin.

photo: Belsazar Vermouth

Berliner Sommer/Winter

What does the beautiful Berlin Summer taste like? The answer is: organic apple juice, vodka, lime and wild baby’s breath. And the tough Winter? The answer is: cloudy organic apple juice, vodka and seasonal spices.

photo: Berliner Sommer/Winter

Znaida Vermouth

Is Vermouth having a total revival these days? You could think so as the underestimated drink is already coming up the second time in our list today, this time created by the lovely lady Silvia Schneider from Berlin.

photo: Znaida Vermouth

Abyme Vodka

Mise en Abyme describes in French the endless self-reflection of art – an interesting statement for a unique Vodka from Berlin, that just celebrated its first Birthday these days.

photo: Abyme Vodka

Adler Berlin

This Berlin-based “Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur” started producing Adler Vodka in Wedding and soon after added a delicious Adler Dry Gin to their selection.

photo: Adler Berlin

Meermaid Rum

Because he was sick of searching for a proper rum the owner of Meermaid decided to simply make his own. The result is a beautiful Berlin spirit made out of 17 real ingredients infused for several weeks in fine Carribean rum.

photo: Meermaid Rum

Berliner Luft

There is a reason, why this delicious and super soft peppermint liquor is called Berlin Air – an easy-going drink especially perfect for festival season.

photo: Berliner Luft


The bottle with the elephant goes back to 1831 which makes Mampe one of the oldest Berlin liquor brands – during their busiest times they offered a variety of 70 different types of spirits.

photo: Mampe

Michelberger Kräuterschnaps

This herbal spirit with its incredible design created by hotel owner Tom Michelberger is available since 2013.

photo: Michelberger Booze

Berlinmad Vodka

This delicious Vodka is handcrafted from fine local wheat and there is only a limited number of bottles available per year.

photo: Berlinmad


Since 1955 friends of Pijökel have met in secret to celebrate their joint passion. First created by alchemist Kuno Grote, the unique herbal elixir is still sipped from a tin spoon at this ritual today.

And now we’re left with only one more thing to say:

Cheers, everyone!

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