Falling in Love with Berlin

Love is a beautiful thing. And comes in different forms and manifestations. Be it the love to your surroundings, details, your friends, family, pet, food – god knows you can love a good burger. Love is unique and universal equally. We don’t know where it came from, we don’t know where it’s going but we do know how it feels, each and every single person on this planet. Only the stories attached to the feeling differ. And that’s the beauty of it.

Pablo Ruiz Sánchez is a filmmaker who shares his love story with us today. In his charming video he follows a girl through various places of Berlin while recounting his thoughts about her with poetic words. Of course the girl is not really a person but a metaphor for the city that he fell in love with so deeply. With the story told in German and subtitles in Spanish, maybe not everyone of you can understand what is being said. But surely, everyone will get what he felt. And enjoy the nice Berlin shots. See the short video here, right after the jump.

Edit: Now you can choose between Englisch / German / Spanish subtitles. 🙂

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