Why We Love Spring

photo: oh_hedwig

We’re not alone on this one. Doesn’t everyone enjoy Spring? The blossoming of their surroundings? Isn’t it beautiful for every pair of eyes to see colors again, to feel warm air on their skin?

Spring is the season of hope. It is to a year what the morning is to a day. A beginning, a new start, a hunch. It is an opening, a promise to what might be. With the colorful flowers, the smiles on people’s faces and the memory of a warmth slowly coming back, spring is also high spirits. Drunken from the first soft drafts of air that don’t cut ice cold when inhaling, we all tend to take a leap of faith.

A leap of faith into the sun, out of our scarves. Away from the heating and into the outdoors. A step towards us all, we see ourselves again: Walking freely on the streets, with a swing in our steps. Spring in Berlin is like a flower thriving, each one of us a petal, with our arms open to the sky and to each other.

* * *

We selected some of the most beautiful photos from some of our favorite Berlin Instagrammers for you that perfectly capture the beauty of Spring. Enjoy and make sure to check out their accounts for more beautiful Berlin photos. Links below the photos.

photo: scalamari

photo: nadia_carreira

photo: logopaede

photo: steffimarla

photo: lindaberlin

photo: frailfail

photo: uwa2000

photo: findingberlin

photo: esteeberlin

photo: berlijnblog

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