Life Through Berlin’s Windows

photo: Franz Becker

From a bird’s-eye view you’re watching, wondering what life might bring
The city’s sleeping in a cloud – summer came by and got right out
What are they dreaming, these sleeping heads, lying in their tiny beds?
Is that a smile upon their face, looking forward to another day?

From the rooftop you see the couple brushing their teeth
The older lady with a cat and a book on her knees
The manager about to work, the party people still up with a smirk
The student studying for an exam, the musician playing a joyful jam
They all are living in this house, this backyard, this street
And somewhere you can still hear a beat…

So many lives in a city always turning, somewhere someone is yearning
Someone is dancing in a room, someone is watching a cartoon
Another one is fully dressed, prepared to go out and impress
The windows on the left are dark, only lit by a lighter’s spark
A smartphone screen is flickering, and no-one else is noticing

We are all in this city next to each other – still somehow we don’t always bother
We don’t pay attention to these lives that happen right in front of our eyes
We are like unconnected little dots that you can only see from the top

Up here the city has no flaws, no cracks in pavements, no broken walls
Just little people in little windows, watching their lives like tiny peep shows
They’re living, loving, dancing, raving, being good people or misbehaving
They’re on their way from A to B and all of what is in between
Their houses, their windows, their lives so full
This city: never a moment dull.

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