Berlin – A City of Contrasts

photo: Bianca Vola / CC

It must have been a billion eyes by now that have seen Berlin. Every day, millions of people experience the city in a completely different way. The uniqueness in commonality is distinguished, a city like Berlin holds up millions of different heads and hearts that pretty much want the same thing from life in a different form. They all come together in the capital, and flow like a stream up into the night, down in the morning.

For the many visitors coming to Berlin, the city must paint a completely different picture than for the locals. And also the visitor, each and every one them, is taking to the city what he previously experienced, merging it with the city and everyone in it.

Luca Bonatti made a video about his view on the city. In close to four minutes, he walks around the city while celebrating it. And celebrating it in all of its shades with realness and flaws – capturing for example leaking beer or homeless persons on the bench. But also in the next blink showing the beauty in the broken when the party people dance to some street music in the U-Bahn – probably right next to it. Berlin get’s its distinct vibe, as any beautiful thing on earth, from its synchronicity of unifying contrasting sides.

Luca Bonatti walks in his video along the usual hotspots in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and many more from stroboscope to sunlight but you can tell he highlights the unusual people that cross these well-known places every day or for the first time. See the video right after the jump.

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