The Galaxy Gallery 360 in Berlin

photo: aguynamedriadh

Photography has changed significantly over the course of the last couple of years. Instagram had a huge impact on it bringing mobile photography to the next level and new emerging technology such as the 360° cameras that entered the market and VR headsets are changing it now even more. Photography is becoming more and more participative, interactive and immersive. The viewer gets involved in the final results in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago. You can now interact with the photos and photographers in different ways, become part of a community, experience individual pictures as a part of something larger. Especially on Instagram this has become an important part of the concept of photography. It has managed to lift mobile photography from a hobby to a profession and made photographers the new stars of our generation.

Samsung is pushing this new side of photography even further by making the world of Instagrammers accessible to their fans offline in the form of a live exhibition that was happening here in Berlin in the summer of 2016. They teamed up with some of the most talented photographers from their Samsung Snapshooter Program to create an exhibition that was entirely shot with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Curated by star photographer Joachim Baldauf the work of Instagrammers such as thomas_k, konaction, urbanentdecker_, loewe7, aguynamedriadh, helinbereket, juancamiloberlinmuenchmax, widenka and many more was exhibited as beautiful prints.

In anticipation of the exhibition I had my own little experience in the field of immersive photography. I was lucky to be able to play around a bit with the new Gear 360 camera by Samsung and went around Berlin to capture some scenes in the street in 360°. It was easier to use than I expected and watching the photos later on the screen or in the VR headset is really fun. I can’t wait to see what new possibilities of digital content will come from this. Below you can see some of our first results and if that made you curious you should make sure to check out the photos from the pros that you can see at the Galaxy Gallery 360 exhibition.


Eberswalder Str


Wall Memorial

Museum Island

Government District

Jewish Memorial

photos: Alejandro Arretureta & Frank Schröder

Thanks for the support by Samsung

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