Find Your Magic: The New Men’s Magazine by AXE

photos: highsnobiety

Last week we had the pleasure to experience the launch of the brand new Men’s Magazine by AXE at the temporary AXE Kiosk in Neukölln. With the event AXE fully embraced the style of the district and made the party inside (and of course in front of) a Späti. Instead of a fancy bar you could just get your drinks from the coolers, and instead of a fancy flying buffet they had typical Späti candy and what we Germans like to call “Stullen”.

The event also brought together a lot of the creative people involved in making the magazine: Albino model Shawn Ross came over from New York, Dressedlikemachines blogger Willy Iffland who is one of the cover models, as well as best-selling author Michael Nast. The magazine is exactly about these type of guys, those that do their own thing no matter what, and you will see photo stories, portraits and interviews with them and a couple more.

The magazine will be available for free in selected cafes, bars and fashion stores. You should try to catch a copy if you have the chance. A lot of creative people from Berlin and more specifically from Neukölln were involved in the making and that really shows on all of the 100 pages. It easily measures up with the contemporary mens magazines out there.

Of course AXE wouldn’t be AXE if there wouldn’t also be some products involved. The magazine launch also coincides with a trio of new AXE fragrances that come as eau de toilets, deodorants and several styling products. What makes this new line special is that it’s aimed at a far more individualistic type of man, taking inspiration from high-end perfumes. At the event we got to try of all three of them and indeed they are quite unexpected and more refined than what we are used to from the brand. I guess they did find their magic after all…

Thanks for the support by AXE

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