Absolut Lollapalooza! A full-blown Festival Experience

The Lollapalooza festival had its second Berlin edition this past weekend and it was quite spectacular. I hadn’t been to the one last year in Tempelhof, but this year there were a few acts that I didn’t want to miss so I took Absolut up on their invitation to join them, and I’m so glad I did.

This was probably the biggest festival I have ever been to (I admit I haven’t been to that many) and being surrounded by that many celebrating people is quite the thrill. Especially at the two main stages the crowd was so massive and to see them move and cheer with the performances is really powerful.

Between concerts I checked in with Absolut as often as I could. They had a big set-up that was part of the Fun Fair of Lollapalooza, which was a big playground to hang out in and goof around between installations and vintage circus tents.

In typical Absolut fashion there was one of their big bottle-shaped gates in a special Lollapalooza design, and of course the Absolut Art Bar was there too to supply the thirsty festival goers with excellent cocktails. In fact one of their cocktails was a special creation just for the festival – their very first own festival drink – the Absolut Lolla. It was a mix lime juice, mint, berries, Woodruff lemonade and of course vodka. Looked cool, tasted cool!

As for the concerts I got to see one of my favorite new bands Years & Years which we have written about here on the blog right when they came out with their amazing song King. Meanwhile they have become a huge world-wide success, hence their spot on the main stage. It was great to see the joyfulness of the band and how the masses soaked up their candy pop songs.

On the other side of the festival grounds we go to see one of the great ladies of pop: Roisin Murphy. The woman is just stunning, a brilliant performer, stellar voice, and such a great sense of humor. She actually introduced herself like this. “Hi I’m Roisin Murphy, I’m a hot new up and coming electronic music act from the UK” which was obviously ironic as she has been performing now for over 20 years as part of Moloko and as a solo artist. If you haven’t seen this woman life, you need to change that. I’m definitely glad I got to see her again thanks to Lollapalooza and Absolut! Cheers, darlings!

Thanks for the invitation & support by Absolut

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