C-HR Festival: Sustainability, Innovation and Creativity

Last week a brand new festival launched in Berlin that took over the beautiful Kaufhaus Jandorf at Weinbergspark. But the C-HR Festival is not just any kind of festival, it’s a festival for the future: The themes are sustainability, creativity, design, fashion and innovation. All of these are quite broad topics, but when you read the program of speakers and workshop hosts you will understand how it’s all connected.

We live in a world that is oversaturated by innovations, creativity and design. But we realized that many of the things that humans have developed in the past couple of decades brought a lot of negative side-effects with them. Effects that we were blind to for way too long, environmentally, economically but also socially. The C-HR Festival now wants to shed some light on some of the problems and solutions we have today and need to come up with in the future. There will be talks and speeches about pollution of the ocean, the psychology of creativity, the possible effects of veganism and so much more.

I checked out the festival on the weekend for a workshop with streetwear label Ethel Vaughn and artists Tronje Thole van Ellen. In a small intimate group and hosted by Anouk Jans we had a great talk about the current situation of the fashion industry, the role of fashion bloggers and the importance of family. While chatting away we all worked on a set of Ethel Vaughn sweatshirts that everyone at the table could get their hands on and cover with doodles and drawings (that is currently being raffled off on their Instagram account).

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the workshop and it made me curious about the second half of the festival that starts today and goes until Sunday. There is so much more to discover, more talks and workshops, some fun VR gadget presentations, there is a couple of exhibitions, there is a cantine with the delicious vegan healthy food by The Bowl and in the evenings there are going to be musicians playing and drinks are being served. On Wednesday there is a special surprise gig happening that you can look forward to.

If you want to catch up with the events that you have missed there is a video archive of all talks, speeches and workshop to be found here after you’ve registered and logged in (for free, as the entire festival). Enjoy!

Thanks for the support by the C-HR Festival!

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