Art Installations you can actually eat in Berlin

As the days slowly begin to be just a tiny bit warmer and blessed for another hour of sunlight, we start to think of the imminent spring. While we sure know how spring feels like, walking outside, seeing sprouting greens and flowers, hearing birds, smelling blossoms and fresh air, we are not a 100% sure about what it tastes like. Kristiane Kegelmann, a Berlin food artist, lets you discover that yourself in one of her upcoming workshops.

If you are a man or women of pleasure this might be just your thing since it’s very rare that one can actually eat a piece of art.

In case you were wondering if it’s ok to play with food after all – well, nitty-gritty, the artist herself says that she does. But she also does with all kinds of stimuli, perceptions and materials. Eventually, this results in an eatable installation. By touching and tasting it, the audience is being part of the whole process changing the piece of art step by step and making it into an experience.

To open up a little more to those experience and her expertise, the food artist will open up a new studio kitchen that will be accessible easily in Berlin for everyone who’s interested or curious about her work.

Next to workshops that will be held there, Kristiane Kegelmann wants to open her new studio twice a month, so that even people who won’t be part of those artistic experiences can have a look behind the scenes and taste her artworks.

photos: Pujan Shakupa

In order to meet increased and unexpected reconstruction works on the new place, a Kickstarter Campaign will start today. So make sure to support your local (food) artist so that you can have one of those special experiences and pralines there soon too.

After all, the opening will take place on march 6th and we are excited to see what new ideas Kristiane has been working on until then.

Find all important dates below and have fun at those events!

First Open Studios:

February 18th + February 25th, 10am – 6pm

First Workshop:

February 23rd, 6pm -10.30 pm  : What does spring taste and smell like? 140€ per participant + each participant can bring a guest for free.

Grand Opening wiht special installation:

March 6th, 6pm, open to everyone


Danziger Straße 59

10435 Berlin

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