To You, a Berlin Newcomer

To You, brave adventurer who is in Berlin for the first time and who has left his comfort zone for a fresh new start and brand new experiences.
Let’s assume you have managed to pass the test of finding a permanent home, one of the worst nightmares of all the new Berliners, have one or two acquaintances in the city (even if it is the son of your grandfather Julius’s cousin that you have never heard of before but know he has three Siamese cats) and have already planned on how to get a job or to go further in your education. You have everything outlined and you are all excited – “This will the BEST time of my life”, you think, “Berghain, I will destroy you with my dance moves” – however, when you arrive (with a big smile on your face and high expectations), you see that things are not quite what you have imagine they would be. The son of your grandfather Julius’s cousin is not that interested in showing you around, maybe because he is too busy or simply because he is a jerk, getting a job is harder than you have imagined and you feel lonely at times.

Changes are not easy and it takes time to adapt yourself to a new place and consequent new rhythm of life. However, you came to Berlin for some reason, because this city somehow attracted you and it is that attraction you have to grasp in order to succeed and be happy. Remember, you are in Berlin: the sleepless and dynamic city who emanates culture through every single pore and where who you can be whoever and do whatever you feel like.

There is a whole wide world to be explored and whether you are a party animal or a board games lover, Berlin has a place for you. This is a city that can liberate you if you let it and nothing can bring you closer to building an intimate relationship with yourself than moving away from home and living in another city. You get to know yourself better and have the freedom to discover who you are, what you truly want without any distractions. And yes, there are times when you are faced with a choice that involves risk but you will not move only to the capital of cool, but also of techno music, avant-garde art and the center of Europe’s party scene. It is all in your head do not let less good times keep you from being who you are and being where you want to be. Remember, Berlin loves you.

Text: Matilde Velho Cabral

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Matilde Velho Cabral is a Portuguese girl in love with the colorful corners of cities and the melancholic beauty of words. She published a poetry book, studied Law and recently moved to Berlin to do a MA in Convergent Journalism. She loves to communicate and wants to discover the intertwined patterns of those who inhabit Berlin. Often she likes to hear whale sounds and her favorite book is “Lolita”.

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