The Beauty of the Four Seasons in Berlin

photos: Steffimarla

Instagram is definitely one of our favorite social media platforms. Behind its simple idea lies a powerful tool to expose much more than cute selfies. Berlin has become a subject for many talented photographers who make us look through their lenses and marvel at the city every day. One of them is Steffimarla, who with over 2 000 posts now, has greatly contributed to the virtual image of our Hauptstadt. She’s been taking pictures all year round – let’s take a look at all the wonderful characteristics that Berlin has been charming us with throughout the seasons.


The most recent entries from Steffi show the stunning spring blossoms spotted in Berlin that we have devoted a whole article to just a while ago. There’s also a lot of pictures almost radiating with the warm rays of sunshine that we missed so much all winter long.


You know you’ve got something to look forward to when you see the snapshots from the summer. Just like the amazing picture of the summer rain at Eberswalder Str – one can almost feel the cold refreshing raindrops on their own skin. Or the fun photo of guys on paddle boards around the famous Molecule Man.


Few Instagram accounts capture the somewhat bitter beauty of Berlin in the autumn better than Steffi We get to look at the fall trees with their mosaics of colorful leafs from up close as well as from the top of the Siegessäule, contrasted with our beloved skyline.


Steffi provides a good glance at Berlin’s typical winter characteristics, with aerial shots of the Christmas Market on Alexanderplatz and a snow covered U-Bahn, as well as the World Time Clock virtually invisible in the midst of a snow storm.

There is definitely something we can embrace during each of the four seasons and we’re thankful to our Instagrammers for making us aware of that.

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