Dancing the Essence of Berlin

Works of art that combine unique, atmospheric movement with Berlin as their setting always catch our eye: it is with pleasure that we introduce to you our recent discovery, the Berlin-made Frantics Dance Company, through their super cool new video, FRENESI.

FRENESI, Spanish for frenzy, ‘a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion’, was created through the collaboration of the dance group with the director Derek Pedros. Inspired by Berlin’s raw beauty and darkness, FRENESI takes us all around Berlin, shot at different locations like the Gretchen club, Marameo, Theatre Stahl and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center, taking us on a journey through the dancers’ captivating energy.

Intention of the film was to tell the story of how a style is being constructed, ‘from urban to contemporary art, from isolation to unity’. Berlin and what it stands for is also part of this narration, including its juxtapositions, integrating them in a way of life.  It also stands for the team’s own story, overcoming difficulties with passion and hard work.

The Frantics, formed in 2013, are a multinational group of dancers, having been influenced by bboying, contemporary dance, acrobatics, experimental hip hop, martial arts and Gaga. Being in a continuous study of movement, they fuse improvisation techniques with energetic movements and dance theatre, with a view to creating strong and shocking experiences for themselves as well as for the public.

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