Superheroes and Villains taking over Berlin

photos: Berlin Ninja

How many times haven’t we all quoted Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I need a hero!’ in this crazy crazy city: This is probably what Berlin Ninja had in mind, when he unleashed all kinds of comic and cartoon heroes and villains around Berlin, to protect or sometimes attack it.

Inspired by the city’s amazing scenery and fun stories, and guided by freeing his imagination, Berlin Ninja’s Instagram keeps, among regular Berlin shots, a place where fictional worlds, such as the Marvel universe, and Berlin collide: He sent King Kong to attack our beloved TV tower and the Victory Column, Batman to guard over Friedrichschain, and Spider Man to climb on Panoramapunkt. How well the superheroes fit in the landscape only shows how magical Berlin can be; when I first looked at the pictures it both felt like they are and aren’t real! Take that, Gotham City!

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Batman in Friedrichschain

Batmobile in Friedrichschain

King Kong on Berlin Victory Column

Spider-Man on Panorama Punkt

Transformers 2 on Brandenburg Gate, photo: s3niceva

Turtle Ninjas at the Planetarium

Star Wars against the TV Tower

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