Lipsticks & Attitude against Right-Wing Populism

photos: Steven P. Carnarius

All this right-wing movement going on in the world right now, you got to be kidding me! These people need to get it together already. It’s 2017 for crying out loud, you would think by now we have all moved beyond being whiny-ass bitches scared of everything and everyone that is different than them. But apparently not, I guess it takes a couple more centuries to realize that we’re all different kinds of people living side by side and no-one’s taking anything away from anyone just by being there and being different and it’s all gonna be okay if we just stop waiving those torches and hayforks in the air like some mad medieval faire.

Given Germany’s shady history it’s all a bit more hush hush here with the right-wing shenanigans. But it’s there: the racism, the homophobia and transphobia, discrimination, assault; you name it – we got it! But sometimes we forget about it because the media is relatively calm about it. But talk to anyone who is not white and straight and they will be able to tell you stories that will make your toes curl.

As some of you might not have noticed we are right in the middle of the big election campaigns. In just about a month Germany is gonna elect their new government. Say what?!!! Yes, this is the German equivalent of the event that made Trump the president of the united states. Unlike in the States the election here is not a year-long media spectacle, we Germans are just not really show people you know. The only piece of news that made the rounds lately was that Merkel is on vacation and wore the same hiking outfit like in the years before, that’s as much of a political mud fight we get here. So it seems we don’t really have serious problems right now compared to the rest of the world, but lest we forget there is still our own bundle of right-wing joy in the shape of this unholy party that has the nerve to call itself an “alternative” for Germany. Yeah, you could also call an ulcer an alternative to a healthy stomach, but let’s not get me started on that. Even though these lowlives are not exactly trending on Twitter right now they are still likely to become part of the parliament this year. This is simply not acceptable. I don’t want my hard-earned tax money spent on any of these people who try to divide the country with their hate and manipulation. Do you?

Of course I am not the only one who thinks that within this filter bubble of LGBTQI+ happiness that we exist in. A group of drag queens and nightlife divas got together to start a satirical party (as in political party, not to be confused with the party party that we normally write about here) called Travestie für Deutschland. And isn’t that just beautiful! Trannies flipping the bird into the faces of all those haters and right-wingers. Throw in some cheap wigs, too much make-up, lots of flammable polyester, some sassy comments and a good portion of shade against right (which would have also made for a great name for this, wouldn’t it?). The result is a witty series of parody election campaign posters based on the design of those from the other “alternative”, some sassy interviews led by chairqueen Jackie-oh Weinhaus and probably lots of other fun things that will follow this month. Can’t. Wait. Follow them on Facebook. Go vote (for a non-right-wing party that is).

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