Techno, Salsa & Pharmacy Windows: An Interview with Natalia Escobar

photos: Alicia Kassebohm

A power woman with many careers: Natalia Escobar is many-faced, ‘many-named’ and many-talented’. Ultimately, when she served the first sounds to ever push Berghain’s new Säule floor through wave rhythms, drony Techno and experimental Electro a bigger audience came to realize that Miss Escobar is a Berlin force to be reckoned with. Yet, where others reach artistic capacity, the Colombian beauty seems to only really get going: Art exhibitions in various cities, making her own music under different aliases, DJ sets for Vivienne Westwood or the Techno Temple itself. If you don’t have her on your radar just yet, she should be now! Catch her DJing this Saturday at our 10 Year Anniversary and read on about Natalia’s favorite dancing spots, her beautifully simple love for Berlin, and her upcoming, first ever EP.

We celebrate 10 years of iHeartBerlin, so first things first: Why do you heart Berlin?

For its spontaneity. And of course, the Apotheken and Friseurs window displays 😉

From Colombia, to London, to Berlin: Is it the electronic scene, the “beautiful” Berlin weather or something completely different that made you stay here?

I really felt like I found space here, in both a literal and creative sense – I have more headspace. The pace of Berlin is so great. It feels like Sunday everyday on the streets. It feels quiet and peaceful, yet, there is always so much happening. You have the culture and information of a big city, but the rhythm and spontaneity of a small town.

You are basically an art world all-rounder: Not only a DJ, you studied art and design, you make your own music, work on audiovisual art installations, photography and more. Is there even time left to be on the dance floor yourself?

Berlin has so many interesting music scenes that it would be a shame not to take the time to get inspired by exploring the sweaty dance floors once in a while. And of course, dancing salsa at “Clärchens Ballhaus” on Mondays is a must!

Last year you played along Jennifer Cardini, big parties like Pornceptual and well-known venues like OHM and Berghain’s Säule are on your list. Sounds like things are getting real busy now. What’s next?

I’ve just finished my first EP “If You Don’t Love Me” under my “Poison Arrow” moniker. It will come out in February 2018 on Pleasure District with remixes by Konrad Black and Heart Drive. I am currently working on an audio-visual show to accompany it.

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