Turning the Berlin Wall into Art like you’ve never seen before

illustrations: Ligia Fascioni

The Berlin Wall that once divided the city has been an important symbol ever since its fall. However, its image has served not only as a grim reminder of just how cruel the world politics can get, but also as a proof that even in the darkest of times, humans are capable of creating art. The concrete canvas that the remains of the Wall provided in Mauerpark don’t cease to inspire new artists even as the paint is starting to peel off.

When you think about the remains of the structure, the Eastside Gallery invariably comes to mind – and rightly so. But there’s also some part of the Wall preserved in Mauerpark, where it has been used freely as canvas for colorful graffiti, constantly evolving to present someone else’s vision.

The artist Ligia Fascioni, who came to Berlin in 2011, has been inspired by the overlapping layers of paint that eventually peel off and thus leave a most intriguing sight of multicolored stains in all kinds of shapes. She started to take photographs of these unique sights reflecting decades of history and documenting the creativity of new generations of Berliners and tourists alike.

Fascioni then used the photographs in her drawings. All the various textures and colors provided a fantastic background for her illustrations characterized by feminine power and closeness to nature.

The concept of embracing the remnants of art that has lost the merciless battle with weather conditions is particularly charming. Fascioni’s subtle creations defy the Wall’s ghastly history and are a reminder to all of us that Berlin can provide unique inspirations even in the least likely objects. You only have to keep your eyes open.

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