Edition Noël: Designer Christmas Tree Ornaments Made in Berlin

For many families, decorating the christmas tree together belongs to one of many long cherished traditions, that one is looking forward to every christmas. Grandmas old ornaments are retrieved from the cellar, freed from dust and checked for cracks before they end up back on the christmas tree. Prior to this everyone needs to decide on the colour and in the end, like every year, eyeing the crumbling decoration, you notice once more: we should really get new ornaments for next year.

Those who want to revive old traditions and add some new unique pieces to your christmas ornament collection, will be happy to have found Edition Noël. Behind this label, seven ambitious and talented designers joined forces to create something special next to their daily work: handmade christmas ornaments. Their collection includes 300 Sets with 6 delicate, individual ornaments each. In the process, every designer let their individual creative focus flow into each ornament they made. The designers have backgrounds in illustration-, fashion-, jewelry-, textile- and product design, giving the ornaments a different style, one by one.

Slenderly curved, geometrically inspired or manufactured from festive fabrics, the girls from Edition Noël came up with unique designs, to add some new sparkle to our old fashioned christmas traditions. Find more information on where to get a hold of their lovely sets on their website. If you want to see the set up close you should visit their exhibition at The Amazing Crocodile concept store in Mitte. Not only can you admire their work for Edition Noël, but also see what else these talented ladies have created in the past. Also find their Christmas ornaments at Super Space at Bikini Berlin, Baerck, Konk and many more!

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