This Cute Ad Shows Why Germans Are Better Safe Than Sorry

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Have you ever wondered why German lack in a certain sense of Humor? For humor, you need irony and exaggeration. Both skills are not necessarily imprinted in the German DNA. Also for some sort of comedic effect you need things to go a bit wrong. Not apocalyptic wrong like right now in this pandemic of course. Yet in every funny story, there is the right amount of wrong that makes you excited about how the hero*ine might gonna fix the problem.

One this is for sure: that Germans hate troubleshooting. No wonder they are one of the countries with the most insurance and safety measurements in the world. And this cautiousness makes Germans very successful in dealing with big problems (like the one we have right now on our hands). 

The Berlin-based advertising agency Dojo traduced this way of German thinking in a very cute tv-ad. A dad is bringing his kid to bed in the bright daylight (something typically German) and reads him a goodnight story. Yet the story turns out to be super boring because nothing bad happens. The company promoting this ad is the german TÜV – a security certification company that exists since 1866. Their claim is: We are the most boring company in the world. And this is the true heart of German Humor.

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