How Sleepless can you be? – Throwback of Cocktail & Movie at Staatsoper

But really – who thought of giving out free vodka & coffee drinks on a Tuesday night? Does nobody has to work in Berlin on a Wednesday morning? Well, we have nobody else to blame other than ourselves this time. 

With Staatsoper and supported by Russian Standard and Schweppes, we threw our third edition of Cocktail & Movie. The ingredients of a sleepless night were simple: sexy cocktails, a lovely crowd, and a thrilling film that left some nightmare-worthy memories. But really: the presented movie White God is not something you would expect in a baroque setting of an Operahouse. The dark fairytale tells the story of a young girl and her dog, through the plot both get separated and have their hurtful journey until they reunite for a big finale. Check out our impression of this incredible night. 

As special drinks of the night, we had the “Sleepless” signature drink made out of vodka, cold brew, black walnut liquor, Tia Maria, and Schweppes Dry Tonic. If you drink more than one this drink makes you for sure see the sunrise without problems. As a second special drink, we offered Mint Condition – a tasty mix of mint, lime, and vodka of course. 

We showed this particular movie because of the current project of director Kornell Mundruczo and his wife and screenwriter Kata Wéber at Staatsoper. They are working on Sleepless a new Opera by Peter Eötvös that will premiere on the 28th of November. 

As a small appetizer and to get everybody excited for the premiere we showed the movie White God which Mundruczo and Wéber also created. Both were present at the movie screening and told us how they came up with the idea of this strange but beautiful movie. 

For all readers of iHeartBerlin, we also have a special deal for everybody who wants to see the Opera Sleepless directed by Kornell Mundruczo. If you use the promo code iheartopera in the ticket shop shortly before paying to get 20% off for any ticket of the upcoming shows of Sleepless. Of course only for a limited amount of tickets. Please have in mind that you need to be fully vaccinated to attend the opera house. 

Big Thank you Russian Standard and Schweppes, for being part of this amazing edition and supporting us with tasty cocktails and great barkeepers. And if you are sad that you missed it, don’t worry. There will be a next time!


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