One of the many facets of Berlin that people really love and cherish is the rough, urban and industrial style of the city. It’s something that Berlin has in common with places like Brooklyn or South East London. But combined with Berlin’s history, the division, the Soviet influence of the East, it developed a quite particular style that sets it apart from the other cities. Raw brick walls and concrete, factory lamps and Edison light bulbs, this is pretty much an aesthetic you will see all over the world. But Berlin adds old GDR relics, remains of the Soviet military, and remnants of old industries that were specific to Germany. The outcome is a unique mix of history, design, and patina that feels specific to Berlin.

In our newest guide, we want to introduce you to 3 shops that have specialized in industrial vintage design, all of which combine common aesthetics with more particular ones. We love all three of these shops as they capture so much an essential part of the style of Berlin. Enjoy!

objets trouvés berlin

On Brunnenstraße in the North of Mitte a bit up from Rosenthaler Platz you’ll find “objets trouvés berlin” and interior design boutique specialized in bold industrial design. As the name suggests the lamps, furniture and design objects are often pieces found in flea markets or salvaged from old industrial buildings. But the curators of the shop always have a special eye for pieces that are rarer than your typical factory lamp. Over the years I’ve spotted true gems of industrial design that I never saw before in any other place. This uniqueness, of course, comes at a certain price tag that is usually higher than your flea market booth finding. They combine the found objects with modern interior design classics and selected wooden furniture from France. Also noteworthy are their beautifully manufactured tables made of old wood and metal legs that they offer for custom order under their label tischmanufaktur.

objets trouvés berlin, Brunnenstraße 169, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open Wed-Fri 12-14:30h & 15:30-19h, Sat 12-18h

photos: iHeartBerlin / objets trouvés

* * *

Urban Industrial

This place is a true heaven for salvage junkies. The charming gentleman who runs it gets his products from old warehouses and industrial building before they get torn down. His most prominent items are of course the popular factory lamps and old train station clocks. But he also has some funky metal furniture, old physical education hall objects, lots of old classroom chairs and other metal and wood objects. It’s basically the decoration heaven for urban industrial vintage style.

UPDATE: They just moved into a new place next to Berghain.

Urban Industrial, Wriezener Karree 15, 10243 Berlin

Open Mon-Sat 11-20h

photos: Franziska Müller-Degenhardt

* * *

J&V Fine Industrial Vintage

Jools and Vince are our go-to-guys in the West of Berlin when it comes to industrial style vintage interior design. The two of them met through their mutual passion of collection old East German design objects and furniture from abandoned breweries, factories, and military barracks. For a while, they used their collection and expertise for the film industry. But once they met they decided to join their collections and share with the world in the form of this nice boutique in Schöneberg. Here they do not only sell parts of their collection of the aforementioned variety, but also new findings. Their aim is to find beautiful vintage industrial furniture, keep the beauty that lies in its timeworn patina and spread it out to the world along with its history, craftsmanship, solidity, durability and good material.

J&V Fine Industrial Vintage, Barbarossastr. 61, 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg

Open Wed-Fri 12-19h, Sat 12-16h

photos: Katja Renner

* * *

Do you know any more stores or sellers of industrial vintage design that we should be aware of? Let us know in the comments below.

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on June 21st, 2019
updated on September 23rd, 2019
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