After Hours: Inside Berlin’s Techno Scene of the 2000’s

The web series “After Hours” might not be news to some of you. Actually, the documentary about Berlin’s notorious techno scene already premiered in 2009 on the web portal “”. However, when the streaming service was discontinued “After Hours” disappeared in internet limbo. Gladly, we can report that you can now watch all 12 episodes right here…

A lot has changed since 2009. Word has spread and Berlin is considered techno capital of the world. Clubs and parties in Berlin might still consider themselves underground, yet in 2018 they have to fight for subculture status through heavy door policies or well-targeted promotion. “After Hours” takes us back to 2009, just before Berlin’s international appeal skyrocketed in the 2010’s. A time when the line in front of Berghain was probably not a four hour wait and the iconic Bar25 was still with us.

“After Hours” works a bit like the documentary version of the cult movie “Berlin Calling”. The series follows three protagonists in summer 2009 on their party tours through the capital, true to the “3 days awake” spirit of Berlin nightlife. While following the trio around you can get unique insights into the past of Berlin’s techno scene, nearly a decade ago already. It shows a party culture that is charmingly trashy and refreshingly unadorned. Featuring scenes and interviews with scene insiders like DJ Oliver Koletzki, Bar25 operator Danny Faber and DJ Woody of today’s Heideglühen party who provide background information and the right dose of party nostalgia. A Berlin that is long gone. Where there’s still five Euro entrance fees, illegal raves, and hardly any smartphones and colorful stickers on cameras.

If you want to jump into a techno time capsule, watch all episodes below.




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