5 Berlin-Based TikTokers you Should be Following

Despite Berlin’s claim to counter-culture, the city has not escaped the TikTok invasion. The app has undisputedly taken over our lives these past few months (thanks coronavirus), but in Berlin, it’s much more than tacky dances and never-ending renditions of WAP. Here’s our list of the top five Berlin-based TikTokers you should be following.

Eric Tries It


Kicking off our list is @erictriesit, an excellent source of culinary knowledge in Berlin. Eric posts mostly restaurant recommendations, but also some content on hidden gems in and around Berlin. His extremely soothing voice endorses innovative restaurants with aesthetic interiors, although they can be a bit pricey. All of his content is in English so it’s accessible to all the ex-pats out there. Eric specializes in Asian cuisine, making recommendations on everything from Korean BBQ to ramen to bubble tea. A must-follow account for all Berlin foodies.




Gastro Blog


Next up is @gastroblog, a very similar account to Eric’s. This page’s creator posts restaurant recommendations around Berlin, featuring spots that are cooking up unique dishes with an eye out for special dietary restrictions. She also posts weekend tips of undiscovered places to visit in the city. Some of her recent finds include a restaurant where you can fish for your own dinner, fancy kebabs, and vegan ice cream and cakes. She posts super aesthetically pleasing content in both English and German, so there’s something for everyone on her page.



Oumi Janta


Third on our list is @oumi_janta, a roller-skating queen here in Berlin blessing us with rhythmic swagger on wheels. Oumi’s mesmerizing TikTok’s feature jam skating, a combination of dancing and roller skating, around Berlin. She films her videos in all our favorite spots, such as Tempelhofer Feld or the local Späti, making her videos familiar and relatable. She not only shows off her own moves on TikTok but also has demonstration videos teaching the basics of jam skating; she is also an instructor at Jam Skate Club here in Berlin.



Stella Bossi


@stellabossi posts mostly comedic content focusing on the Berlin party scene. You’ll never see her without her signature sunglasses, platform shoes, and self-deprecating, German humor. Her TikToks never adhere to the tacky songs that go viral on the app, and instead feature banging techno tracks that you’ll find yourself Shazam-ing. Her recent content grapples with the effects of the pandemic on the party scene here in Berlin, definitely relatable for anyone who’s craving a good boogie (just wear a mask please.)



Umut Oezdemir


If you wanna learn something new, you should definitely check out our final recommendation, @umut_oezdemir. The couples and sex therapist posts TikToks concerning the intricacies of sexual health and relationships. His TikToks cover topics such as various types of orgasms, fetishes and sexual orientations, all with a serious focus on acceptance, consent and communication. He’s the only creator on this list who posts exclusively in German, but his diction and presenting skills make his videos easy to understand (even for a non-native speaker such as myself). I can promise you’ll be scrolling through his page for hours—and it won’t be a waste of time.



What Berlin TikTokers do you like? Sound off in the comments below!

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