Berliners – We Have to Save our Trees From the Heat!

photo: Matthias Arlund

The recent heat wave continues to be a living hell for all of Berlin. We can attempt to escape it by chilling by the lake or even getting out of town, but the merciless sun is not going anywhere. Although we humans might feel constantly drowning in sweat, the real ecological problem concerns the drought that is deeply affecting our trees. How can we save them?

The heat wave is hardly interrupted by any periods of rain: if we don’t act accordingly, we might be witnessing our once luscious capital slowly turning into a desert. Obviously, the trees have always been threatened by the exhaust fumes and the results of urbanization, so all that combined with the recent weather might be too much to take.

Even if the current Berlin draught is temporary, its effect will be perceptible for years to come. It almost feels as if autumn came early with some of our trees already loosing their leafs. But it’s an early symptom of the damages caused by the weather. And it’s only going to get worse: next year, some trees will have to be cut down entirely, others will have dying branches.

How can we save the trees together?

The answer is quite simple: we should water the trees. It’s our collective duty to get out there with whatever buckets, bottles and cans we can find and give the trees a chance to survive. Moderation is not an issue: a tree can never get too much water. And although whatever effort you can muster up might feel just like a drop in the ocean, every liter helps. One bucket is better than none.

Our Tip: Make it a neighbourhood-Trend

Berliners have been known to adapt some pretty bizarre trends and are pretty open for new outdoor activities, so why not make watering the trees a part of your morning jog or evening walk? Let’s elevate the watering bucket to a classic accessory.

photo: David Vig

Donate for more trees in your city!

Another way to keep Berlin as the green oasis that we love is of course planting more trees. This year, new trees will be planted in Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Pankow and Treptow-Köpenick. You can even contribute to Berlin’s greener future by donating money.

Whatever you do, consider our city’s lungs! Let’s keep Berlin breathing.

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