Catalogue of Disguise: Fashion and Dance Excellence at TRAUMA

If you want to experience a truly innovative presentation of cutting-edge fashion in Berlin you need to keep an eye out for the events at TRAUMABARUNDKINO. The hidden place in Moabit has put out a series of fashion events since the last November that combines contemporary dance with fashion. Of course, there have been attempts at blending dance with fashion elsewhere before, but trust me, never have they been as cool as at TRAUMA.

Following the success of Now You May Tell That I Have Been Seen By You the fashion department of TRAUMA lead by Tanja Bombach has now put out a second event titled Catalogue of Disguise showcasing designs by Olga Khristolyubova, Aleksndru Plesco, and Tanja herself. With an impressive choreography by Franka Marlene Foth that I could easily see at the theatres in Berlin and a stellar cast of dancers the piece was a big advancement of the already pretty amazing first event. Every little detail was perfect from the designs to the performance, the hair and make-up, music and light. It’s so rare you see something as complex as this brought to perfection in each of its aspects. Congratulations to the entire team. I draw my hat.

There are no further words that will do this level of excellence any justice, so I decide to let my photo and GIF impressions speak instead.






The encore performance at 22h was followed by an aftershow party which we stuck around for to enjoy this amazing place a little longer. Our photographer Vismante Ruzgaite also captured some of the party guests for us. We’re already looking forward to the next event at TRAUMA!



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